*Update during COVID-19 pandemic:

All Rim Runner events will follow the state and local guidelines. For the safety of all of us, please follow these guidelines during our events:

Masks required for all group gatherings. Masks may be removed while running, but will be worn when gathering pre- and post-run.

Participation capped at 25 people.

Stay home if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with symptoms.

Maintain 6-feet social distancing during the run and when gathering before and after the run.

Rim Runners are known for our potlucks, but during this time all our usual potlucks will be Bring your Own Beverage and Food (BYOB&F). Bring your own chair or blanket to spread out.

Date updated: 10.14.20


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  Demon Dash   2020-10-25
Demon Dash
No images for this event
  Dover Trail Trek   2020-09-25
Dover Trail Trek
No images for this event
  Trail Cleanup   2020-09-13
Trail Cleanup
No images for this event
  Rim Runner Mile   2020-08-02
Rim Runner Mile
No images for this event
  Montana Cup - Bozeman   2016-10-29
Montana Cup - Bozeman
  Shamrock Run   2016-03-20
Shamrock Run
  2015 YRR Halloween Dance Party   2015-10-24
2015 YRR Halloween Dance Party
  Harvest Rib Roast & Bonfire   2014-11-15
Harvest Rib Roast & Bonfire
No images for this event
  Annual Demon Dash and Board Meeting   2014-10-26
Annual Demon Dash and Board Meeting
  4th Annual Halloween Dance Party & Potluck   2014-10-25
4th Annual Halloween Dance Party & Potluck
  2014 Shamrock Run   2014-03-16
2014 Shamrock Run
  YRR Annual Froze Noze   2014-02-02
YRR Annual Froze Noze
  Annual YRR Holiday Party   2014-01-25
Annual YRR Holiday Party
  Second Event   2013-11-25
Second Event
  A sample event   2013-11-18
A sample event