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2020-09-17 Newsletter Editor Supporting Our Community

We love to run, so Rim Runners donated to a few organizations that provide great places to run in our community and to support youth running. YRR donated $200 to Billings TrailNet for their Ales to Trails fundraiser. TrailNet works to build more trails in Billings and we'll be giving their Ales to Trails punch cards away to four lucky members next month. YRR also donated $1,000 to Yellowstone River Parks Association (YRPA). YRPA supports many trails and parks along the Yellowstone River, including Dover Park - the site of our trail race this month. YRR donated another $1,000 to the Yellowstone Elementary School (YES) Cross Country Meet, a free cross country race for all 3rd to 5th grade students in the region.                         

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